Moving Coil Panel Meters

Types: D48MC, D72MC, D96MC
Accuracy: Class 1.5
DC Ratings: 100µA to 50A direct connected (D48MC-40A max)
  4-20mA, 1mA or 20mA transducer operated.
  50mV to 600V direct connected.
  50mV to 300mV shunt operated.
AC Ratings: Rectifier types available for a.c. use (mean
DC Burden: 80mV to 150mV volt drop for direct connect
  ammeters, 1mA (1000W/V) for voltmeters and
  shunt operated ammeters.
Non std: Suppressed zero voltmeters and trim
  potentiometer types available.
Availability: DIN96, DIN72, DIN48



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