Ring Type Split Core


One of our range of ring type current transformers


A range of ring type Split-Core Current Transformers. The products are tape wrapped and are complete with 1 metre length flying leads. Primary ranges are available up to 3000A and 5A secondary. Suitable for various cable sizes.


For installation into existing networks. The split-core allows installation without disconnecting cable or busbar circuits.


Technical Specification
  • Conform to IEC 185/BS7626 and BSEN 60044-1/IEC 60044-1.
  • Rated system voltage 0.72/3kV.
  • Ambient temperature range -30ºC to 80ºC
  • Insulation level 3kV for 1 minute
  • Continuous current, 1.2 x rated current


SpliCore range
Order Example

A ring type split-core current transformer, size 2 600/5A is "Ring Split-CT, 600/5

SpliCore dimensions

Leads: 1m of 1.5mm PVC flexible cable

SpliCore picture

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