Compact Brass Ended Shunts

Compact Brass Ended Shunt




Highly accurate manganin resistance d.c shunts. When a current is passed through the shunt a proportional millivolt output is produced.

Our special Compact Brass Ended Shunt is often requested for special applications due to its small size. manufactured to BS89/IEC51 class 1 it can be current rated from 5A to 50A, with 25mV, 50mV, 60mV, 75mV or 100mV output.


Shunts are used for measuring current in d.c. applications by connecting them to moving coil panel meters, digital meters or other measuring devices. Shunts can also be used in control devices such as power supplies and battery chargers for overload protection..


Techinical Specification
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +40ºC
Permissible Overload  
Continuous 1.2 x rated current
5 seconds 5 x rated current
shunt leads: Millivolt leads can be supplied upon request
  (standard length = 760mm)
Order example: A compact brass ended shunt with 50A
  rated current and 60mV output is:

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